Pairing Beer With Food - A Brief How To Guide

When you're a foodie, and all of your pretentious foodie friends who never travel above 95th street urge you to go to a BBQ joint on 131st in Harlem, you know you need to listen. I'd been hearing about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que for years, and finally made it there last weekend.

It was almost time for Willie's concert to begin, so we finished up our beer and headed back to the food stands to buy some strawberry shortcake (I also had to try the corn on the cob with jalapeno butter) and grab a seat near the monitors. SeaWorld conveniently set up monitors and speakers so you could hang out in the food area if you didn't want to be in the mob at Bayside Stadium. Many people also brought blankets and sat out on the grass. The weather was gorgeous so it was a leisurely, park-like atmosphere. Willie did all his popular hits, and I was amazed at how well he still sings. He put on a real crowd-pleasing show.

Of course, you can use the coupon for any restaurant purchase that totals $6 or more at Boston Market. The Boston Carver sandwiches are immensely satisfying and the new pulled beef slow cooker is moistened with a sweet and spicy Kansas City BBQ sauce. Opt for a variety of side dishes and have a Boston Market meal tapas style!

But what is the Throwdown you may wonder? In 2008, the Governor of Michigan issued a Proclamation making the Midwest BBQ and Blues Throwdown an Official Championship event in the State of Michigan. Each year, BBQ teams from throughout the Midwest and Canada compete for the best ribs, the best chicken, the best pulled beef brisket pork and the best beef brisket. The Throwdown is the only BBQ event in Genesee county to be sanctioned and recognized by the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

When my family arrived at the restaurant it looked like any other small restaurant or cafe in downtown Portland. It doesn't exactly stick out with its black awning with white lettering, the typical outer decor of most places downtown. However when I walked into the restaurant I almost instantly felt the kind of warmth you find when you've finally gone back home.

Sweet Baby Ray's team adds this renowned barbecue style to its all-star lineup during the month of July. You may not be able to get Ray's unique quarter smoked chicken with burnt ends, (the savory pieces of meat cut from the ends of a smoked roast beef brisket) anywhere else in the city or burbs. It's served with the Original Sweet Baby Ray's Stovetop Recipe BBQ Sauce, a side of Kansas City style barbecue beans, Kansas City coleslaw and white bread for ($10.49). Add one-third slab of Baby Back or St. Louis ribs for only $4.

Remove the brisket from the refrigerator at least one hour before beginning the cooking process. You want it to be at room temperature or close to room temperature before proceeding.

If you are in the Denver area and have a big event or meeting or convention coming up, Brother's BBQ can accommodate any size gathering. They offer the same wonderful food with the options of having them serve it for you or not. You can also pick up quantities of food. No matter how many people you need to feed, Brother's boasts the confidence slow cooker recipes chicken curry make it a memorable affair. They even say they will clean up after it is over. The prices for this seem to be fairly reasonable. Call for more details: 720-297-7801 and prices for everything they offer.