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Are you considering taking a hotel industry jobs vacation and staying in one of the many bed and breakfasts that are available? If you have never stayed in a bed and breakfast before, then you are in for a real treat. Here is what to expect when you vacation in a B & B.

Secondly, don't think that you have to stay at one of those fancy-shmancy communication accommodation in order to have a good time. You're just going to be sleeping there. Any clean, safe hotel is fine. Truth be told, my friends and I stayed at a relative's house for the first night, then moved to a Comfort Inn for the rest of our trip. We were in Orlando for 6 days and 5 nights, and spent maybe 40 hours at the hotel in total.

Some people think that running a bed and breakfast is the perfect dream job. You probably imagine yourself meeting countless people and having a great conversation interesting customers. You may visualize lots of money at the end of the week, and more customers coming through your doors. These are possible but only of you run the business right.

Some people have to do with a tiny price range to arrive at their vacation location. This is how trains and railways are actually such a great benefit. When you are, although the adventurous type, you then should not bypass the chance of hopping on the locomotive.

Hot Springs, Arkansas is about four hours from Northwest Arkansas. It is one of the oldest spa's in the country. There are numerous places to stay but the most well known place is the Arlington Resort Hotel. Visit the spas and hot springs and be relaxed and pampered in the healing waters. Tour the old bath houses to take in a bit of history. You can even do a bit of gambling at the dog track, Oaklawn, while you are there. The kids will enjoy the Arkansas Alligator Farm & Petting Zoo where they can get up close and personal with Alligators and other similar creatures. The Hot Springs Mountain Tower is another fabulous attraction you can't miss. It shows you beautiful scenery and allows you to take fabulous pictures from the top of the tower.

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